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Pilates Rates:


Class Rates


*Per Class


01 Single Class $45 $45 3 months
05 Class Package $210 $42 6 Months
10 Class Package $390 $39 6 Months
20 Class Package $720 $36 6 Months
50 Class Package $1600 $32 12 Months
100 Class Package $2800 $28 12 months
Monthly | 2x/week (8 Classes) $269/mo  $34

4 weeks

Monthly | 3x/week (12 Classes) $379/mo $31 4 weeks
Monthly | Unlimited  $419/mo $21
(max 20 classes)
4 weeks


Private Sessions


 *Per Class


Private Single Session $95 $95 90 Days
Private 5 Session Pack $510 $85 6 Months
Private 10 Session Pack $800 $80 6 Months

Want a semi-private session with a friend or family member? We also offer Duet Sessions for couples!


*Cost per classes are listed to help clarify the difference between our pricing options.  The intro specials are valid for purchase once for anyone who has never been to Pilates Napa Valley. If you think you'll attend 2 or more classes in 30 days, the intro specials are the best option for visitors or new clients.


**Three month minimum commitment. Memberships are month to month when the initial three month commitment is reached.


Studio Memberships

Our memberships are the most cost effective option for our Pilates clients who come regularly 2-3 classes per week, or want "unlimited" access up to 5 classes per week! It's the best way to see and feel the benefits of a regular Pilates practice. Your bones will strengthen, muscles will tone and firm, and you will look and feel more fit and flexible than ever before. As you work out and begin to feel better physically, you will also begin to feel better mentally and emotionally. You’ll stand taller, move with grace and most importantly get stronger and more flexible. 

Give us a call or email to find out more about our Membership rate options:

  • 28-day "monthly" auto-pay
  • 3-month minimum, then month to month at same great rate
  • No enrollment or cancellation fees
  • 14 day written notice to cancel membership
  • Two freezes per year allowed, for a maximum of 60 days to allow for travel, injury, or illness or other emergency.

Not sure where to start?

Contact us and we will help you pick a package right for you!

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We incorporate classic and contemporary Pilates work with cardio jump board, wall towers and Peak Pilates MVe® Chair exercises in a flowing, up-tempo 55-minute whole-body workout. Our Napa Valley studio offers private, duet and small group classes of no more than 8 students per class. Personalized Pilates fitness training at affordable class rates!